Meet the Team!

Hey Fellows friends!

As of last week, we officially pulled the trigger on an opening date — March 16, 2019. :) We know what you’re thinking, this is one of those things you can’t estimate. Good thing for us all, we’ve given ourselves a solid month for error, so you can bloody count on it.

You may be wondering, “who is this lady talking to us?" Let’s clear up some fuzzy areas, shall we?

  1. My name is Christina DeVictor. I am co-owner and enthusiastic voice behind soon-to-open Fellows Cafe. My business partner Zachary Bramblett and I have spent over 14 months making our dream of having a friendly neighborhood cafe a reality.

    Both Zack and I were born and raised in Roswell AND went to RHS (Go Hornets!). We have worked together for about 7 years via Zack’s restaurant Roux on Canton. I focused on all things marketing/creative while Zack steered the proverbial ship. Along the way, Zack consistently encouraged me while running my photography business Someplace Wild. We both have been side-by-side as entrepreneurs through thick and thin; establishing a solid working rapport and partnership that has supercharged our ability to bring Fellows to life.

    Zack also just so happens to be my husband Tony and my best friend. We are all so close that we even decided to become neighbors six months ago. Sound like a risk? Not so much. It’s actually been THE BEST. Add in the lovely Claire McCool (Zack’s girlfriend) and we have one solid crew of passionate Roswellians ready to bring the cafe heat.

    Also, it’s important to know that Tony DeVictor is not just my “media naranja” (Spanish saying for better half), but is also the real MVP behind all things design. He has been using his experience as a production designer in the film industry to create an old world “set” inside the walls of our 1890 folk Victorian home. Tony is also our greatest sounding board, providing crushingly honest but needed feedback along the way!

    We will share more about our backgrounds in a separate post. I am trying to keep this background story at an optimal blog length. ;)

  2. Our General Manager is Nick DeVictor, an incredibly hard-working UGA grad with a degree in social work. He has a heart for people and a commitment to efficiency that puts us all to the test (12 years experience in the restaurant industry will do that to you!). Nick also happens to be my brother-in-law which simply adds to the family fun.

  3. Andrew Beatton is our Lead Barista and Coffee Program Manager hailing from London, England. He is the guy bringing the espresso drinks in 90 seconds or less and providing coffee passion by the pour over. This guy will don all the British wit a person could dream for and we are so grateful he is on our team!

That is it for our core team of full-timers — but here is a list of the killer folks we have working behind the scenes:

— Allen Davis of Davis Construction Group
Alex Paulson, Marcus Mellow & Jesse Fosson of Randall-Paulson Architects
Miller Lowry and Ed Wolff of Miller Lowry Developments (landlords)
Ben Richardson of Cocktail Commons